Lyneden Darly

Elite Quality Black ET donor
Darly has been successfully used in our ET program, producing ground breaking black progeny, some of which were sold for export prior to being weaned! Darly maintains very few white fibres in her very soft handling, stylish black fleece. Her SD and CF would be remarkable on a lighter coloured animal, however it is an outstanding achievement on a black. Darly is late pregnant to Alpacaspecialist Valentino, whose dark coloured progeny have been known to win broad ribbons over the lighter colours even at major shows!

Softfoot Information

  • IAR: 128366
  • Sex: Female
  • DOB: Tuesday, 03 June 2008
  • Colour: Solid Black
  • AFD: 24
  • SD: 4.3
  • CV: 17.8
  • CF: 93.4
  • Price: $9900

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